A big Whew!
Episode 3's title
" That girl is like a virus " is mentioned by Jerry referring to Parvati, of her strategy of flirting. Again, no separate reward challenge this time, immunity comes with sugar, coffee, a week of supply of rice and luxury items that they brought in the island.

The challenge is a physically demanding sumo-like battle. I know you guessed who won, it's pretty obvious.

Found these fan made movie clip of Adolf Hitler discussing The Amazing Race Asia 4 and Survivor 20, and it was indeed funny if you're watching those two shows every season. >>
Here's Hitler's reaction to Survivor Heroes vs. Villains. He's also a big fan of Russel Hantz, haha!
And here's the one where Hitler wanted to do an All Star Version for Season 4, blaiming those too much ads from sponsors.
Episode 2 : It's getting the best of me - Boston Rob

Before i started talking about Survivor, let me just inform you that i started watching during the Fan vs. Favorites Micronesia Season. Although i got infos on legendary castaways like Johnny Fairplay and Richard Hatch. Which castaway i am rooting for? Read more...