A big Whew!
Ever wonder where the voted castaways went on, well those who made it as jury members
had the pleasure of being at what they called "Ponderosa". These are unaired clips with each voted castaways that was uploaded on Youtube. Coach serves as our first jury member this season... Clips after the jump.

Converted some youtube clips of 24 to mp3s for cellphone ringtones.

Here's the links available for download:


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This screencap says it all about what happened this episode. Coach would like to give some hug for Boston Rob after Jerry and but Rob insisted and says " You're a little man ".

Hahaha! You're so mean Rob, Coach is just a man of beliefs. Whatever. More after the jump.


Below are shots from the 24 series finale set originally posted by Splash.com.

They believe the last pictures were indeed one of  the last scenes for the show.
Here's my take, there has been some casting update on IMDB.com.

Listed is Henry Ian Cusick *Desmond from LOST*, he played as Theo Stoller from Season 5, a german special intelligence who had a deal with Jack in exchange of the WET list for Collette Stenger, who has some kind of contact with Vladimir Bierko. However, Jack destroyed it after the exchanged.

And since this is the series finale, and we know about the movie being shot in Europe, that could serve as the connection.

I could definitely be wrong, maybe just overthinking
I only watched the Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin match and the main event GSP vs. Dan Hardy. The ppv wasn't that great as i expected and so is the WWE Hall of Fame 2010 ceremony. >>

Mary Lynn Rajskub tweeted earlier " Just found out we got the word officially. This is 24's last season " . After a few minutes, it was all over the internet, this award winning tv series is cancelled by fox. >>

I've been using SmartBro (canopy) for three years and never experienced any problems at all. No downspeeds anytime of the day, unlike what we read on those "smartbroken" comments.

But instead, i got a much deserved speed increase. >>


This is indeed the best reality show ever. Period. After a week of hiatus, it was all worth it as we finally saw Russell starting to scramble his tribe, including Boston Rob. >>


HD stands for High Definition ( not high density people :D ). I know everyone loves watching at Youtube, and i think you notice the numbers 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p. Some of you might be confuse on that so i think i might just have to explain to you the basics of HD. >>

24 Season 8 just had it's redeeming episode. After eleven lackluster episodes, i finally had the excitement back. >>