A big Whew!
Heroes got cancelled!
from Hollywood Insider:

" It seemed inevitable but the news is nonetheless shocking: NBC’s drama Heroes won’t be back for a fifth season. The beleaguered drama only averaged 6.5 million viewers this year. It last aired on Feb. 8, when it only brought in a mere 4.4 million. The show never managed to recapture those stellar ratings from its critically-beloved first season, when it averaged a whopping 14.5 million. There has been talk that NBC may air a movie that allows the producers to wrap up the story, but nothing has been set in stone. NBC will announce its fall lineup to advertisers Monday in New York. "

Many were saying that the show lost it's appeal since season one and should have never renewed. The last time we saw, Peter and Sylar were on the same page helping each other to save the world. I believe they should end the series with atleast a 2 hour tv movie and give us the bad Sylar back pitting against Peter and the rest of our heroes. And yes, Ali Larter!

Flashforward got cancelled!
from EW :

" FlashForward arrived on the scene last fall with lots of hopeful pre-release buzz that it could be the new Lost. The magical thinking failed. Blame it on the awful pilot, on ABC’s curious half-and-half release strategy, or the simple fact that people just don’t really want another Lost. For a whole host of reasons, ABC has officially canceled FlashForward. "

I think the pilot did a good job to atleast make some LOST fans watch the show. However, i believe everyone who watch LOST and have an idea of how great that show was, Flashforward could seem to be a trying hard copy cat of LOST, considering the casting, Dominic Monaghan and Sonya Walger, ( Charlie and Penny from LOST ) of how their previous roles appealed.

We only got 2 episodes left for this only season and we wonder how the writers could end it with the day of the blackout happening on the next episode and the end date mentioned by Dyson Frost before he died.

As we all know, LOST is on its final season and all the episodes were really great. We are starting to get those answers about what the show is all about, why are they protecting the island, the bones of Adam and Eve. But many believes there will be a lot of questions remained unanswered.

The writers and production already stated a 2.5 hour finale followed by a recap and a special on Jimmy Kimmel with all the cast. It will be aired on Monday, May 24 ( Philippine Time ), of course our cable tv is not updated with the current season, but expect it will hit the torrent and file sharing sites 30 minutes after its airing.

I am already considering buying the entire dvd or bluray collection for rewatching the show again.

And of course, one of the saddest day on TV (atleast).

After 10 years of 9 seasons, the most successful tv show, 24 is also on it's final season, with already 3 episodes left, and the 2 hour finale airing on May 25 ( Philippine Time ).

But don't worry as Jack Bauer will be back on the big screen as confirmed as a movie franchise! Yes, that means the realtime concept will ba altered to a 2 hour movie...

Fringe has been renewed for Season 3 and it was indeed a great news!

This JJ Abrams show will capture the LOST fans, as the time travelling meets parallel universes concept will stay on air.

We're hearing some rumors that Joshua Jackson will leave the show soon but there's still no confirmation from the producers. And we hope not.

V is also renewed for season 2!

Elizabeth Mitchell ( Erica from V, Juliet from LOST ) is the lead actress of the show and we'll see if she could be able to continue the show's appeal up to season 3.

Here is a list of the current season's TV series that have been canceled:

Defying Gravity
Happy Town
The Deep End
The Forgotten
Ugly Betty

Three Rivers

Past Life

Law & Order

The CW
The Beautiful Life: TBL


Raising the Bar

Saving Grace (ending summer, 2010)

**Highly Likely to be Renewed**

Brothers & Sisters
Desperate Housewives
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice

Criminal Minds
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
CSI: Miami
Ghost Whisperer
The Mentalist


**On the Bubble**


The CW
Life Unexpected
One Tree Hill

**In Serious Danger**

Cold Case

The CW
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