A big Whew!
I am taking advantage of the luxury of time i have right now but i hate to see my favorite shows getting done. and so R.I.P. John Locke / Man in Black. >>
May 21, 2010 ( Philippine Time ). Fringe Season 2 ended with a shocker. Glad that the show will continue next season. Olivia and Walter travelled to the "other side", the alternate universe, to warn Peter about Walternate's plan to destroy "our side". With the help of the other cortexiphan kids that William Bell and Walter experimented, they succeeded and found themselves fugitives on the other side. Fortunately, Peter knew about Walternate's plan even before Olivia got to him. Olivia's encounter with Alt-Olivia was amazing! It was like seeing two different characters! Anna Torv really played well for that scene.

In the end, William Bell sacrificed himself to be the power source for Olivia, Peter and Walter to get back to "our side". But what they didn't notice was it was Alt-Olivia who went with the Bishops. Olivia was held captive by Walternate and looks like we'll see more of the alternate universe next season! Loved Anna Torv!
May 24, 2010 ( Philippine Time ). And here goes the major show who got a big sendoff that it deserves! I am very much contented and satisfied on LOST's series finale!

We finally found out what is the flash sideways is and that everything happened on the island really happened. However, there were still questions left unanswered which i think will made this show continue its mythological mysteries.

Jack and the Man in Black's (aka Flocke taking the form of John Locke) showdown was epic. Kate's "I saved you a bullet " line and everyone being at the church at the same time was just some of the most memorable scenes of the finale. It was great seeing everyone remember their island life on the flash sideways, specially Juliet and Sawyer's "awakening", with Juliet mentioning that "it worked" but referring to the vendo machine this time.

We'll all have our own interpretations for the show and here's mine:

I agree that the "light" is Lost's symbol to heaven and the whatever happened in the island really happened. The Dharma Initiative, The Others, Jacob and the Man in Black up to the crashing of the oceanic six were all REAL. Jacob told Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Jin, Sun and Hurley that they are the candidates to protect the island. That he picked them because they were "broken" from their previous life off the island and that makes them "lost."

Season 6, started after the incident, where Juliet helped to make the bomb explode, thus we found out about the flash sideways. This brought us to the understanding that the flash sideways is the "afterlife" or the purgatory, specially after Christian Shephard talked to Jack and said that they all died. Some before Jack, Some after him. This is the timeline where they need to get together to be able to move on, and not only about Jack's test. The "awakenings" that they experienced was the last thing they needed to move on. To let go of everything that happened.

The show started with Jack's eye opening after the Oceanic 815 crashed and ended with him dying on the same spot, closing his eyes! The scene on the church, specially with Ben and John Locke was unforgettable! We should expect an emmy award for best actor for either of the two. And yes, even Matthew Fox should be worthy of it.

Now time to save for the Bluray Complete Collection as this show is a keeper, and should be watched again specially after we found out some answers on the finale!

Jimmy Kimmel also paid tribute to LOST. Aired right after the finale. Most of the casts were there except for Sawyer, Kate, Desmond, Sun and Hurley. It was previously rumored to show some alternate endings but we were given some funny re enactments with the special participation of Jeff Probst. Later on the show, Audience were allowed to ask some questions on the casts, and one question stands out. "Now that LOST is over, What am i gonna do with my life".

Worth watching if you need more LOST fix.
May 25, 2010 Philippine Time. It's not only LOST who came to an end. The original owner of the name Jack also said goodbye.

After eight seasons, Jack Bauer survived and saved America, only to still be a fugitive and to not get the credit he deserves. President Taylor almost was a sellout if she continued to sign the peace treaty, which is the big question for me. Why did the Russian doesn't want the peace process first, but in the end, President Suvarov was dissappointed that President Taylor didn't sign the treaty?

President Logan tried to kill Jack Bauer and even committed suicide, but for whatever reason, he's still alive. Jack was saved by Chloe with the help of the drones that CTU have, with Arlo and Cole Ortiz along with her. It all boils down to Jack needs to leave the country because as what President Taylor said, the Russians will surely go after him. Chloe uttered the final words " Shut it down ", asking Cole and Arlo that everything they saw didn't happen.

Well, we knew that the script for the film franchise is already into completion and we are going to see Jack Bauer back on the big screen as early as next year! No reason to be sad at all!
May 27, 2010 Philippine Time. This is the first time that i downloaded every episode of American Idol. I was rooting for Lily Scott during the earlier days but we were surprised that she got voted off and wasn't even in the TOP 12! No one saw that coming! Instead, Paige Miles got in!? That surely is WTF!

Andrew Garcia was also a favorite for having a filipina girlfriend but unfortunately, he doesn't seem to impress the judges. And so we have the final two, of whoever wins. The underdog Lee Dewyze won and AI Season 9 just had another David Cook.
May 28, 2010 Philippine Time. Flashforward had a promising plot but maybe it was a wrong timing airing that gave the show low ratings which is the reason the show got cancelled and won't have another season.

April 29th 2010, 10PM. The Day of the Flashforwards happening. Everything came real, including Tracy coming back to life?!, Bryce meeting Keiko and Stan Weddick ending up in the restroom!

The show ended with another blackout where Simon and Demetri tried to stop. Mark Benford was still inside the building where the bomb exploded and we saw a new bunch of flashforwards happening that involves new dates, and an older Charlie!

Pretty interesting but that's it. I read somewhere that they originally planned to have a 5-year story arc, but the low ratings really ended the show. Just wrong timing, can't compete to other shows.
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