A big Whew!
I've been using SmartBro (canopy) for three years and never experienced any problems at all. No downspeeds anytime of the day, unlike what we read on those "smartbroken" comments.

But instead, i got a much deserved speed increase. >>

My location is on Barangay Hagunoy, Taguig City and we don't have PLDT DSL yet here in our area (although we received calls from PLDT offering MyDSL.)

Basically i am using the internet to download, specifically on torrents. For my first year, i got a maximum speed of 45KB/s on torrent, considering the maximum amount of seeders.

After almost a half year, i got a speed increase of almost 512kbps from previous 384kbps, with a maximum download speed of up to 95 KB/s.

Came March 22, 2010, i noticed another whooping speed increase!
I did some speed test today and here's what i got.
Click the picture for a bigger preview. Notice the download speed increase i got on torrent (private tracker). WOW!
Click the picture for a bigger preview. And i am wrong, the increase was stable on 195KB/s. OMGWTFBBQ!
I finished downloading a 5mb mp3 file within a minute.
A 350mb divx file in almost 40 mins.
And a 2gb file was finished overnight.

Wow! Just wow! :D
How about in your area?
7/24/2013 01:19:39 pm



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