A big Whew!
Let me borrow the one word that LOST is most often associated. WOW! Yes, Jeff is holding two hidden immunity idols. >>

Everyone's anticipating a merge and they finally got it. They found a clue on top of a SEARS box.

Yin Yang was chosen as their new tribe name.

Russell immediately talked to JT and Rupert and lied about what happened at last tribal council. JT seems really convinced.

Sandra talked to Rupert and told him the real score. That Russell is the kingpin and Parvati is the second in command.

Rupert brought this to JT and the rest of the heroes tribe, but JT is insisting that they should trust Russell.

So they got plenty of foods from the box as their merge reward. And Parvati and Danielle seems to can't get enough from eating, even those bananas. They really have starved that hard at their camp. Haha!

Individual Immunity Challenge is on. Endurance Task, everyone needs to stay on the poles.

Went down to Parvati and Danielle. Parvati asked her if she wants her to win and Danielle said she should because Parvati has the idol already.

Parvati gave up and Danielle won the first IIC for the season.

I would hate Danielle if she really gave up for Parvati.

Parvati and Amanda finally had time to catch up. No more Micronesia Alliance here as Amanda seems to be lying to Parvati.

It's still a tribe vs. tribe game here.

I believe Amanda should have won Micronesia. So Parvati should not win this time again.

Russell then gave Parvati that Hidden Immunity Idol that JT gave him for her to save herself. Since everyone knows she's still the target.

However, the Heroes' plan is to make them think that they're going to vote for Parvati, making her play the idol and flush it out of the game. They're going to write Sandra or Jerry's name instead.

That made Parvati hold 2 hidden immunity idols.

Here goes the Tribal Council with Coach and Courtney as the first two juries.

Voting should be like all heroes voting for Sandra/Jerry = 5 votes
While Villains should vote for J.T. as per Russell. = 5 votes

That would be a tie but we'll see.

Goose Bumps started here. Parvati gave Sandra the HII for her to play it.

JT and the rest of the heroes tribe laughs as they are confident that they got the right move for voting Jerry.

What they didn't know is Parvati has another HII and she gave it to Jerry!

That leaves Parvati and Russell with the only villains who got no immunity necklace/idol. WOW!

Votes were counted and we know who's going to Ponderosa as the third member of the jury.

Damn it! Expressed by the Alabama boy himself.

JT could have made a great twist if his plans worked. But that's a big risk.

This is what Russell's advantage is, they didn't know him, they didn't know how he played Samoa. Rupert is right when he said that Russell is on the villains tribe for a reason.

Parvati also made a great move being confident by giving away her two immunity idols.
Russell whispered to him that she got some explaining to do.

So JT is our third member of the Jury. This will be his first time to be on Ponderosa, as he wasn't able to experience it from his season because he won.

Who do you think will go next? I'm betting Amanda, since her supposed to be micronesia alliance is taking the lead.

I will post JT on Ponderosa once it's available. See you next week!

tyin-yang :))
4/22/2010 11:13:12 pm

omfg amazing play by parv. well jt deserved it since last week pa so it's ok plus he already won 1M b4 so

4/22/2010 11:33:43 pm

yup, russell didn't even knew it.

i pity JT somehow, can't call it a really dumb move, unlike what Tyson, Eric and James did from the previous seasons because he took a risk that could very well be a great move, considering Russell's advantage of no one knows how he plays. Oh well, you're right he already won a million dollars.

Check out JT at Ponderosa.

4/23/2010 12:04:07 am

next hmm yeah def. Heroes agn for me
btw, strategically, Heroes really became Zeroes in this epi. Lost J.T. whom they kinda consider the leader tsk tsk

6/21/2010 08:21:44 am

thx for the info mate!

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