A big Whew!
Damn it. This is one of JT's final words last week. And it was uttered this time by none other than Russell during the tribal council. >>
Episode started with Russell confronting Parvati about her not telling him about the hidden immunity idol that she got. Danielle and Jerri was listening and Parvati confessed that she got a bit scared.

Reward Challenge is a shuffle board. Players needs to toss their chip close to the x mark of the board. Tribe has been divided into three teams and whoever wins will be brought to Robert Louis Stevenson's house for an overnight stay.

Colby, together with Amanda and Danielle won the reward.

Amanda seems not interested on watching the film as she is eyeing on a hidden immunity idol clue. Colby just watch while Danielle found it on the bowl of popcorn.

Amanda noticed that Danielle may have found it.

She grabbed it from Danielle and she chases Amanda asking her to hand her the idol since she found it.

Colby didn't argue and just told Amanda it was Danielle's clue.

What was Colby thinking? This is not the time to be a gentleman, you're in survivor and your tribe needs that idol.

So Danielle got the clue and shared it to the villains. Russell joined her at finding and he was successful. Danielle didn't even notice he found it when he slips the idol to his pocket.

Poor Danielle.

Immunity Challenge is build a tower of boards up to 10 feet.

Russell and Jerri were gunning for the immunity and Jerri was the first one to make it.

Jerri mentioned it was her first time ever to win an individual immunity.

Earlier, Russell talked to Candice saying he is trusting her to vote with them.

This time, Russell showed Candice the idol to gain more of her trust.

Candice seems to be flipping her vote. While Sandra looks like jumping on the heroes.

Russell saw Sandra talking to Candice just before they went to the tribal and Sandra just told him to get away.

Haha! Just like that. Not Russell's episode tonight.

So at Tribal Council, the expected vote will be

Colby + Amanda + Rupert + Sandra + = votes for Russell = 4 votes

Russell + Jerri + Parvati + Danielle + Candice = votes for Amanda = 5 votes

Russell even played his idol thinking that they're voting him out. But the heroes swtiched to Parvati instead.

Jeff counted the votes and Russell uttered JT's words for wasting the idol. Parvati whispered to Russell that he wasted one.

We then found out that Sandra didn't flipped and voted for Amanda, and Candice indeed voted for Amanda.

So that makes

Russell + Jerri + Parvati + Danielle + Sandra + Candice = voted for Amanda = 6 votes
Rupert + Colby + Amanda = voted for Parvati = 3 votes

With that, Amanda experienced her first ever "tribe has spoken" moment.

Amanda will now join Courtney, Coach and JT as the fourth jury.

I will post Amanda at Ponderosa later...

See you next week!

Ms. C
4/29/2010 11:40:47 pm

I wasn't able to watch he early part of this epi. wherein there's a confronation of russ/parv part but i guess russell's gettin all paranoid from that... anyways, him not tellin the other villains abt. the idol & his plan to use it just sucks and blew right in his face oh well i guess everyone's has an off-night, right lol

it's not one of the most exciting episodes this season and all i can think abt. entirely while watching are questions: why why and why? what makes the heroes think they can trust sandra that easily she is a villain 1st & foremost (&another hint: jt made that assumption to trust a villain & twas epic fail)? and why they did not make sure candice is with them 100%? and why did colby let danielle keep the imm. idol clue just like that? the idol that could've flipped the merged game to heroes side for once? why why WHY???

oh well i think candice's move to side with russell is right since clearly, villains is the stronger team and sandra stickin to the villains alliance is also right since even fr. prev. epi., she has that connection with parv, ryt?

and about amanda.. mm poor her... and for me: her sayin the succeeding days at the camp is gonna get more interestin and she doesn't wanna be part of it only affirms the tribe's decision to vote her out ;)

Ms. C
4/29/2010 11:44:23 pm

But it's true, russ wasted that idol tsk tsk

What do you think will be the order of booT from 8-3?


Am hopin Parv doesn't win but i think she just might watch think? ;))

4/30/2010 05:05:40 pm

Sandra could have made the right choice thinking that if he voted with the Heroes, and the villains succeeded on tribal, she'll definitely be next.

Colby's strategy of going with flow of events could make him stay longer. And Rupert? he's a waste of slot a think.

As per the order of boot, i've already read the spoilers and previous ones were exactly what happened so i intend not to spoil you. haha!


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