A big Whew!
Before i started talking about Survivor, let me just inform you that i started watching during the Fan vs. Favorites Micronesia Season. Although i got infos on legendary castaways like Johnny Fairplay and Richard Hatch. Which castaway i am rooting for? Read more...
Return. Revenge. Redemption.

Survivor's 20th season pits previous castaways dividing them into tribes of heroes and villains.

Heroes includes:

Colby from Australian Outback
Rupert from Pearl Islands
Candice from Cook Island
Amanda from China
JT from Tocantins
James from China
Tom from Palau
Cirie from Panama
Stephenie from Palau
Sugar from Gabon
Villains includes:

Sandra from Pearl Islands
Parvati from Cook Islands
Russell from Samoa
Jerri from Australian Outback
Danielle from Panama
Courtney from China
Coach from Tocantins
Boston Rob from Marquesas
Tyson from Tocantins
Randy from Gabon

I got hooked specially in season 19 when Russell Hantz played ever castaway and found hidden immunity idols without clues. It was down to four members of his tribe when the merge came, with the opposite tribe having still eight members. Russell played the opposing tribe to switch alliance and to turn on to each other. Resulting to top 5 with Russell's tribe of 4 still in the game. If only not for Brett, the remaining castaway from Galu tribe winning the individual immunity. However, he didn't won the title of Survivor when castaways voted for Natalie, who Russell believed did nothing but to follow his back. Although he won the sprint player of the season.

The first ever reward challenge of the season had Stephanie relocated her dislocated shoulder, Rupert broke one of his toes and Sandra unlocking Sugar's bra to keep her away from scoring, although she gave the Heroes tribe a win topless.

Heroes tribe won flint to make fire. Both tribes started to build camp.

Russell started talking to Danielle and Parvati telling each of them that they want them to be with him on final two. Others started thinking about Russell. As they haven't seen how he play because he just finished taping for Samoa and got back consecutively for Season 20. Yup, when Samoa is being aired, Russell is already filming for Season 20 without him knowing if he could have won Survivor Samoa.

That'll give him an edge over the previous castaways. I really hope he made it to the final three again.

During the immunity challenge, Heroes tribe had a good lead but got into trouble solving the puzzle task and had the Villains tribe immune for the first tribal council.

Sugar started getting emotional as she was one of those in charged with the puzzle task, giving Colby the idea that she can't be like that on the first few days. Amanda and Cirie talked for alliance, like they did in Micronesia. JT and Tom did too. Others started to think they should keep those castaways who were in both season away.
Sugar got the first boot with 9 votes.

Tribal Council has no roof.

Below is Episode 2's preview. Another injury!? Whew!

2/21/2010 06:13:32 am

Me, I only got to follow Tocantins religiously but I am not pro-JT... Am hoping someone who hasn't won before will win this time... and yeah this early, Russell seems interesting hehehe.. Loved the challenges on this premiere episode and I guess Sugar deserved the boot.

2/22/2010 10:32:31 am

If you watched Season Samoa, you'll be amazed on Russell. It was indeed a great premiere!


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