A big Whew!
Been hearing about this Tom Hanks and Steven Speilgberg's co-produced HBO miniseries, about the true story of World War II Marines. And so i think i should give it a try >>

"The miniseries is based in part on the books "Helmet for My Pillow," by Robert Leckie, and "With the Old Breed," by Eugene B. Sledge, with additional material from "Red Blood, Black Sand," by Chuck Tatum, and "China Marine," by Eugene B. Sledge, as well as original interviews conducted by the filmmakers. Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg are executive producers."

It is a 10-part only miniseries aired every Sunday, ( Monday here in the Phils.) starting March 14 and the finale on May 16. I'm not sure where it will be aired on our local channels.

It's already available on our favorite torrent sites anyways.

Check out this trailer:
Needed something to fill my monday downloads, since i'm quite not that into The Amazing Race US anymore. Will post a recap after i've seen the premiere.

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