A big Whew!
I am taking advantage of the luxury of time i have right now but i hate to see my favorite shows getting done. and so R.I.P. John Locke / Man in Black. >>

This is a long recap indeed! Time to know who won this season!

Everyone must agree to Jeff Probst, this is the greatest season ever. A much deserving "Best Reality Show" award for the next Emmy's.

Here are the final ponderosa videos of Colby, Jerry with the final three! Greatest season ever!
Will post the finale recap tomorrow! See you next season at Survivor Nicaragua!
Heroes got cancelled!
from Hollywood Insider:

" It seemed inevitable but the news is nonetheless shocking: NBC’s drama Heroes won’t be back for a fifth season. The beleaguered drama only averaged 6.5 million viewers this year. It last aired on Feb. 8, when it only brought in a mere 4.4 million. The show never managed to recapture those stellar ratings from its critically-beloved first season, when it averaged a whopping 14.5 million. There has been talk that NBC may air a movie that allows the producers to wrap up the story, but nothing has been set in stone. NBC will announce its fall lineup to advertisers Monday in New York. "

Many were saying that the show lost it's appeal since season one and should have never renewed. The last time we saw, Peter and Sylar were on the same page helping each other to save the world. I believe they should end the series with atleast a 2 hour tv movie and give us the bad Sylar back pitting against Peter and the rest of our heroes. And yes, Ali Larter!


Here's Rupert's arrival at Ponderosa
A hero just made an evil look to his former tribe.

I am a big LOST and FRINGE fan that makes me think who is behind such great shows. It was then i found out about JJ Abrams.

Here's Danielle's arrival at Ponderosa.

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A lot has happened from Survivor's previous episode and it definitely gave us predictions for the season finale. Two Immunity Challenges, One Hidden Immunity Idol and Two Tribal Councils! >>